It is pretty common knowledge that drones are pretty nifty devices, capable of catching acts of crime in progress without anyone realizing it before it is too late, but one thing that continues to hold back drones would be their battery life – which is rather short when you think of it. However, it looks like the continual development of hydrogen fuel cell technology for drones have allowed them to fly for a couple of hours without any issue whatsoever.

The hydrogen fuel cell that is attached to Intelligent Energy’s drone will make use of compressed hydrogen and oxygen from the air in order to generate electricity. The hydrogen and oxygen will come together to form water, although electrons from the hydrogen will then be diverted to perform more useful work, and the environmentally friendly byproduct would be water vapor.

There is a large compressed hydrogen tank that you can see mounted under the drone in the video above, with the fuel cells being on top. The whole contraption would then weigh down the drone by another 3.5 pounds, which is a wee bit heavier than standard battery, but the returns are far more favorable, and with this being a prototype, one can certainly expect more improvements to come in due time.

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