melted_s4While smartphone batteries are improving in terms of how long they last, other areas that OEMs are improving on are using components that are more energy efficient, and also creating software with battery saving features. Another way is to include faster charging capabilities, so at least even if you run out of juice, you’ll be back up and running again in a considerably shorter time.

Unfortunate it seems that attempting to use a fast charger on an older and unsupported device might not be the best idea. According to a recent post on Reddit, it seems that one user woke up to find that her Samsung Galaxy S4 was melting after she had plugged her boyfriend’s charger into the device.

According to the poster, “Mine is a purple galaxy s4. He has a new galaxy edge. The part that fits into the phone was melted inside. When my alarm went off this morning, my boyfriend reached to turn it off and when he grabbed at the charger to unplug it it burned his finger and the charger just fell off. leaving that piece in the picture connected. I tried to get it out but it was nasty hot. he has a sweet blister now.”

Now it is unclear if this could be a problem for users with older and unsupported devices, or if this might be a freak accident, but either way if you do have a fast charger, maybe you’ll want to think twice about using it with an older phone. Samsung has yet to comment on this.

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