There was a time when drones were more popular because of the fact that they were primarily used by the military. Now it’s common to find your neighbour trying to take a peek at your patio furniture with a drone they bought off Amazon. The quadcopters have become mainstream and despite valid privacy and safety concerns there’s no way to shut them out of our lives. Not everybody is using drones to spy on us, though, some are doing very interesting things with them, like participating in drone racing. If you’re interested in drone racing you’ll want to know that the first World Drone Prix is going to take place in Dubai later this month.

It’s not efforts having not been made to make drone racing a proper sport but they haven’t really taken off. Dubai, with its penchant for all things big and shiny, is determined to hold the biggest drone race so far.

Dubai is going to host the World Drone Prix in which more than 100 teams are going to participate in a high-speed competition, speeds of over 62mph, the qualifying round takes place on March 7th and 8th.

Top 32 teams that qualify will then make it to the actual races which take place on March 11th and March 12th. Teams have a lot to fight for as a total of $1 million in prizes will be handed out. Winners will take away $200,000. It’s going to be an interesting event, to say the least.

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