hangouts_android_nIt was just yesterday that Google released the developer preview of Android N, and while it might be a while before the update is released in its final form to the public, it seems that Google has wasted no time in updating some of its apps with support for the latest build of Android, and Google Hangouts is one of them.

One of the changes that Google has made to the latest version of Hangouts is the way users can quick reply to messages. For those unfamiliar, Hangouts was updated not too long ago with a quick reply feature, where users could send a message via the notification shade as opposed to having to launch the app, thus allowing users to reply messages without interrupting their current activity.

However the only “downside” is that the quick reply feature only allowed users to reply the latest message, as opposed to previous and older messages, but the update to Hangouts 8.0 in Android N has addressed that. The update also appears to take advantage of the new notifications that Google has introduced in Android N, and will now be able to intelligently group related messages together, as opposed to just stacking all Hangout notifications together.

In addition to these changes, it has also been noted that images sent in Hangouts now has rounded edges, a small cosmetic change that might have otherwise been missed. In any case obviously this version of Hangouts isn’t available in the Play Store yet, but for those with the Android N developer preview, you can check out the APK here.

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