google metronomeWant to find out the answer to a calculation but you’re too lazy to type it yourself? You can just paste in the formula and Google will be able to spit the answer back out to you. Want to know the weather? Just put it into Google and you will get the answer right there and then. These are little conveniences that Google has included in its Search page over the years.

Now if you’re a musician and you happen to need a metronome to help you keep the time, you might be pleased to learn that Google has recently introduced a metronome card (see screenshot above) where if you don’t have a metronome app or if you just need one on the fly, you’ll be able to pull one directly from Google Search.

As far as metronomes are concerned, this is really as basic as it gets. Users will be able to set the speed from as slow as 40 beats per minute, and go up to as fast as 208 beats per minute, but that’s pretty much the extent of its functionality. However like we said, this is just for those who might need a metronome on the fly, as opposed to a recording musician who might have need for more complex metronomes.

Also since this metronome only allows for 4/4 timing, if you’re looking for other kinds of time signatures, or maybe a metronome that accents the up beat, then we suggest you either get an actual metronome or maybe invest in the hundreds of metronome apps available out there. In the meantime you can check out the metronome here.

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