We tend to take a lot of pictures on our smartphones. Whether we go on a trip or just have a fun weekend in our town, chances are we come back with dozens if not hundreds of photos that can be a pain to sort through if you tend to have a lot of pictures on your phone. Google Photos wants to make life easier for you and so it’s introducing a new feature which brings smarter photo albums without any of the aggravation of having to do it yourself.


Starting today, after a trip or an event, Google Photos will automatically suggest a new album for you that’s curated with the best photos from that trip or event. It will also add maps to show how far you went and location pins will help you remember where you went.

This will make it much easier to go back to the late-night dinner spot that you stumbled upon or that perfect campsite that you set base in. The feature goes above and beyond just grouping all of your best shots from a trip or an event, it actually brings useful information into the equation for a much better experience.

You will also be able to add text captions to the album and even turn on collaboration to enable others to add their own photos to the album. All existing albums in Google Photos can now be customized with location pins, text and maps.

The new Google Photos experience is rolling out today on Android, iOS and the web.

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