htc-one-a9_ubergizmo_02According to recent rumors, it has been suggested that HTC could be building not one, but two Nexus handsets in 2016. Given that HTC did build the first Nexus handset and has recently helped with the Nexus 9 tablet, the idea of HTC being a possible Nexus manufacturer doesn’t seem that much of a stretch.

In fact it wouldn’t be surprising to see Google come around full circle eventually. However according to the latest rumors from MyDrivers (via HTC Source), not only is HTC said to make two Nexus handsets this year, but they have apparently signed a deal with Google in which they will be making Nexus handsets for the company for the next three years.

Assuming that Google plans on releasing more than one Nexus variant a year, there is a very good chance that HTC could be responsible for anywhere between 3-6 Nexus handsets over the next few years. We’re not sure if HTC will be alone in this deal, or if it could be similar to last year where we saw LG and Huawei release Nexus devices of their own making.

LG has recently pulled out of the Nexus race so we know that their involvement is pretty much a no-go, but there are rumors to indicate that Huawei could be returning as well. Some rumors have even speculated at potential features of the HTC Nexus and how it could sport 3D Touch-like functionality. In any case take it with a grain of salt, but how do you guys feel about HTC potentially creating Nexus handsets for the next few years?

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