It’s common for us to use our social media profiles to point people towards our profiles on other networks since almost everybody these days uses multiple services. It’s a great way to get followers across all of these different services but if you want to send people from your Instagram to your Snapchat or Telegram, you have to think of another way. Instagram has decided that it’s not going to allow users to promote their other social profiles on these networks.


The Facebook-owned company previously allowed users to include “add me” links in the website section of their profile page. Visitors could easily click on those links and be taken to that particular network.

Not anymore though. Adding links to your Snapchat or Telegram profile returns the error you see above. A spokesman for Instagram confirmed that this change has been made because this is “not the way our platform was intended to be used.” Other types of links are allowed so you can like to YouTube channels, iTunes pages, websites and blogs.

It merits mentioning here though that this change appears to affect Telegram and Snapchat only for now. Linking to other services like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Periscope and others is still supported.

It remains to be seen though if Instagram treats those services in a similar fashion, if not, then it just might be called out for double standards here.

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