iPhone-6-review-6When it comes to computers used in the office, more often than not there are restrictions placed on it, like how there are certain files you cannot delete and how certain settings are off-limits unless you are the office’s IT admin. This is done to prevent employees from making changes to the computers which could compromise its security.

Now it looks like Apple wants to do the same thing with iOS. According to recent sightings, it seems that it has been noticed that inside Apple’s developer documentation for iOS 9.3, the upcoming iOS update will allow IT admins to lock the homescreen layout of the iOS device. What this means is that employees using company-issued phones won’t be able to mess around with the homescreen layout.

This lets IT admins lock certain apps in place, like placing your email app at the dock, and so on. Other features include the ability to allow admins to hide apps including system ones, so that users of the device won’t be able to make any changes that could compromise the security of the phone. Admins can also block users from downloading specific apps, which in turn can prevent abuse of the phone.

These features might seem a tad restrictive, but if Apple hopes to find their way into more businesses, these changes will no doubt be welcome by companies who are looking to have a bit more control over the iOS devices they issue to employees.

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