instagram_plusAccording to some users, it seems that in the iOS version of Instagram, they have noticed a rather mysterious “plus” button in photos, as you can see in the screenshot above. Upon pressing the button, the app opened up their phone’s camera roll to select photos presumably to upload, but unfortunately nothing happened.


However quickly enough, the feature was then removed in a new update. This has led to speculation that maybe the feature was not ready for prime time yet and was published a bit too early, or it had yet to be approved by advertisers. It is unclear as to what this button will do, but some have speculated that it could allow users to upload multiple photos that can display like a Carousel Ad.

Others have speculated that the button will allow users to repost certain Instagram photos on their own account. Prior to this, many Instagram users have relied to on third-party apps to repost images, or “regram” as they are calling it. We have to wonder why it is taking Instagram so long to include that feature in their native app, so maybe this could be it.

In any case the feature has since been removed and Instagram has yet to comment on its sighting, so we guess we’ll just have to wait and see if it will be coming back anytime soon in the near future.

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