It was first reported earlier this week that Google could soon announce that its physical Google Wallet card was going away. The company didn’t confirm anything immediately but today it has made it clear that the physical Google Wallet card is going to bite the dust on June 30th. The company has started sending out emails to notify everybody who has one that the cards will no longer be of any use after June 30th, 2016.

Google released the physical Wallet card a couple of years ago even though it required users to maintain a balance in Google Wallet. The charm seems to have worn off now as not a lot of people have been using it which is why the company has decided to shut it down.

The company says in the email that moving forward, it wants to focus more on making it easer than ever to send and receive money with the Google Wallet app. It also promises to bring some new features to the app in the coming months.

The physical Google Wallet card will continue to work until June 30th but the ability to add money directly from a debit card or bank account will go away on May 1st. Those who have money in their Wallet Balance after May 1st can either keep it there, send it to others to cash out anytime they want for free.

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