drone-prison-breakEscaping from prison is not an easy task, but for those who have mastered the art of it, you can say that there are ways and methods to figure out an escape route. Heck, even Alcatraz has had its record of prisoners escaping before despite being described as the most secure prison in America. Well, back then, there was no availability of drones, and it seems that a rather daring prison escape bid has been attempted recently with the help of a drone.

Thankfully, guards over at HMP Featherstone spotted the drone that intended to drop off bolt cutters, handsets and drugs before the breakout attempt could be successful. HMP Featherstone is located in Staffordshire, where guards there caught a glimpse of the aircraft’s remote operator who unloaded the tools close to the prison’s perimeter fence. The police were duly alerted, who came by swiftly to seize the kit before it could actually be taken and used in the escape attempt.

An investigation has already opened into the incident, and as for the drone itself, it was discovered at the category C secure jail.

A Prison Service spokesman shared, “Vigilant staff at HMP Featherstone successfully stopped illicit items getting into the hands of prisoners. The incident is being investigated by the police. The government has introduced new legislation meaning anyone found using drones to smuggle contraband can receive a two year sentence. However more must be done, which is why the Justice Secretary has asked the Ministry of Justice to look at how we can ensure prisons have the right tools in place to tackle this kind of problem.”

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