robot-waiterAre robots truly and earnestly taking over the world? While repetitive tasks in the realm of manufacturing and mass production would see robot as the far better candidate as opposed to humans, there are certain industries in which the human touch is valued a whole lot more – hotels and restaurants are such instances, although we have seen examples in both industries that have employed the assistance of robots.

The latest would be a robot in a restaurant over in China (as per the example here), which is capable of working 8-hour shifts with nary a complaint or expectation of tips from customers. It will be battery-powered, as it goes around serving food and drink to customers. Standing at 140cm in height, this robot serves diners at a restaurant in Shenyang.

It will take down what customers would like to drink and eat using the clever amalgamation of sensors and navigation hardware, while getting around without any spills. Capable of bringing with it up to 7kg of food or drink simultaneously, we do wonder whether this robot waiter is able to take in complaints like less than satisfactory food quality or to escalate such matters to higher management, or will it issue a standard “Does not compute” reply?

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