robo-servant-hotelWhen you go to a hotel, apart from its convenience, facilities and pricing, what is the one thing (or perhaps you can think of a couple more) that would help set it apart from the rest? Obviously, the kind of service which you receive would play a very large role here. The thing is, what if robots were the ones serving you? This is what a Space Capsule hotel in China is doing at the moment, having robots on their payroll. Fret not, however, as there will still be normal humans hanging around to help you out just in case you need some help.

For instance, there is a robot doorman, while there is also a waiter robot that will serve you your drinks after you have ordered from a touchscreen tablet. The front desk, however, will have an actual human stationed there – for obvious reasons, too. What do you think of a hotel that employs robots as part of their service to their customers? I personally think that places like the Ritz, the Hilton or Mandarin Oriental and other 5 star establishments would do well to stick with humans as the go-between with their guests. One good thing about robots though, there is absolutely no need to tip them.

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