samsung-laser-health-patent-720x332Right now there are fitness trackers capable of tracking your vitals such as your heart rate. However pretty much all of these trackers use a laser system to help scan for your heart rate. Some argue that it isn’t as accurate compared to other heart rate monitors that use chest straps, but it is good enough for a general overview.

That being said, a Samsung patent has been discovered in which it suggests that Samsung could integrate lasers into their future smartphones which in turn could be use to monitor the user’s health and vitals. For example it could be used to monitor the user’s heart rate by scanning the laser on their wrist.

Alternatively the laser could also be used to scan for other vitals such as blood pressure, blood flow velocity, pulse rate, and also be used to check skin conditions. The patent also mentions how this technology could be integrated into smartphones, tablets, and wearables, the latter which we guess makes more sense, although as you can see in the diagram above, it looks like it could also be used in a smartphone.

Putting it in a smartphone might not have much user amongst regular folks, but we reckon it might come in handy for doctors or health professionals who might need a more hi-tech way of gathering vitals that can also fit into their pocket. Unfortunately there’s no telling if and when Samsung will make this a reality, so for all we know it could simply be an idea they’re toying with.

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