Over the weekend, SpaceX launched its Falcon 9 rocket to deliver satellites to space for its customers. The launch was successful and the payload was delivered successfully. The company has tried multiple times to land its reusable Falcon 9 rockets on a drone barge in the sea following a trip up to space and it tried it again with the latest launch. Unfortunately, the company failed yet again.

It’s not that the SpaceX rocket is not capable of landing back on earth after having been up in space. The company demonstrated that its reusable rocket can do that very well on solid ground. Landing it back on a drone ship is proving to be tricky but SpaceX is determined to make it happen.

SpaceX tried for the fourth time to do this over the weekend and there wasn’t much hope this time around since there wasn’t much fuel left in the rocket upon its return to earth to power the landing. The company did come very close to nailing its objective the third time.

It certainly won’t be giving up. In a couple of weeks, SpaceX is going to launch the Falcon 9 rocket for a cargo mission to the International Space Station and we’ll see it try once again to land that reusable rocket on a drone barge in the sea. Good luck, SpaceX!

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