Articles about Falcon 9

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SpaceX Wants To Launch A Rocket Every Two To Three Weeks
First SpaceX Rocket Launch After Explosion Likely On January 8th
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SpaceX Will Soon Resume Rocket Testing
SpaceX Explosion May Cost It An Additional $50 Million
A SpaceX Rocket Has Exploded
SpaceX Building Facility To Refurbish Rockets
SpaceX Lands Rocket At Sea Once Again
SpaceX Now Wants To Land Three Reusable Rockets Simultaneously
SpaceX To Relaunch Reusable Rocket Later This Year
SpaceX Lands Rocket On Floating Drone Ship Once Again
SpaceX Bags Its First Military Contract
SpaceX Falcon 9 Landing On Drone Barge Fails Again
SpaceX Fails To Land Rocket On A Ship Yet Again
SpaceX Fires Up Its Used Falcon 9 Rocket
SpaceX Is Going To Try Landing A Rocket At Sea Again
SpaceX Successfully Lands Falcon 9 Reusable Rocket
SpaceX's First Launch After Previous Explosion Delayed
SpaceX Planning First Falcon 9 Launch After Explosion On December 19th