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SpaceX To Relaunch Falcon 9 Rocket On March 30th
SpaceX has demonstrated multiple times that it’s capable of landing its reusable Falcon 9 rocket back on solid ground. It has launched performed landings on a barge at sea multiple times. However, the company is yet to relaunch one of its Falcon 9 rockets that have already been to space. It did say that this was going to happen in 2017 and now SpaceX has confirmed when it’s going to […]

SpaceX Wants To Launch A Rocket Every Two To Three Weeks
SpaceX has come a long way since it first started out. The company has proven time and again that its Falcon 9 rocket is capable of doing what it’s entrusted with. It has also achieved its aim of landing the reusable rocket out at sea. As the company gears up to relaunch a rocket that has already undertaken a mission, it has now said that it plans on launching rockets […]

First SpaceX Rocket Launch After Explosion Likely On January 8th
SpaceX reported today that it has concluded its investigation into the explosion of one of its rockets on the launch pad in Cape Canaveral late last year. The company had halted all future launches after the explosion as it scrambled to find out precisely what went wrong that ended up destroying its rocket as well as all of the cargo that it was supposed to take up to space. SpaceX […]

First Manned SpaceX Mission Delayed
SpaceX has conducted countless unmanned missions to space but the company is yet to conduct its first manned mission. The SpaceX Dragon capsule will be carrying the astronauts in the company’s first manned mission which was previously expected to take off next year. SpaceX has now decided to delay its first manned mission to 2018 as it needs more time to go over its pre-flight fueling practices.


SpaceX Will Soon Resume Rocket Testing
SpaceX paused its rocket launches as well as any and all tests after one of its Falcon 9 rockets exploded on the launchpad before it was even able to depart for its mission. The company has been working hard to find out the cause of the explosion and while it’s not completely there yet, SpaceX says that the investigation has advanced enough to enable it to resume testing rockets once […]

SpaceX Explosion May Cost It An Additional $50 Million
You might have read recently that a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket exploded on the launchpad as it was being put through pre-launch tests. Not only did the company end up losing an expensive rocket, the customer it was supposed to deliver a satellite for is now asking the company to pay $50 million in compensation for inadvertently blowing up its satellite. The AMOS-6 satellite that SpaceX was supposed to launch […]

A SpaceX Rocket Has Exploded
SpaceX has already demonstrated quite a few times that it’s more than capable of launching its Falcon 9 rocket and of landing it back after the rocket has completed its mission. However, that doesn’t mean that accidents can’t happen. The company was supposed to deliver a satellite this weekend but it won’t be able to do that as the Falcon 9 rocket that was supposed to take it up to […]

SpaceX Building Facility To Refurbish Rockets
SpaceX has already demonstrated multiple times that it’s more than capable of landing its reusable Falcon 9 rocket back on Earth after it completes a mission in space. It’s the only private space company that has managed to successively land the rockets on a floating barge out at sea. SpaceX will eventually be refurbishing and relaunching these rockets, it’s now building facilities in Florida where rockets will be refurbished.

SpaceX Lands Rocket At Sea Once Again
SpaceX has pretty much got the skill to land a rocket on a floating barge in the bag now. For the fourth time, the private space company has landed its Falcon 9 rocket on a floating barge in the sea after it finished its mission and came back from space. This is the company’s sixth landing overall of its reusable Falcon 9 rocket four of which have been on the […]

SpaceX Now Wants To Land Three Reusable Rockets Simultaneously
SpaceX has demonstrated multiple times that its reusable rockets are capable of making it back to Earth safely after completing their mission. The company has already landed its Falcon 9 rocket on solid ground and on a floating drone barge in the sea multiple times. The company is now looking to land three reusable rockets almost simultaneously in what would be an impressive feat of human engineering.

SpaceX To Relaunch Reusable Rocket Later This Year
For the past year or so, SpaceX has been trying hard to land its reusable Falcon 9 rocket on a floating drone ship in the sea. Previous attempts were not successful, but the company has now managed to securely land four of its Falcon 9 rockets, but it’s yet to send one of them back up again. SpaceX is thinking about that now, it’s likely that the company will relaunch […]

SpaceX Lands Rocket On Floating Drone Ship Once Again
SpaceX tried many times to land its reusable Falcon 9 rocket on a floating drone ship in the sea but the first few attempts failed. It was only after Blue Origin landed its reusable rocket on solid ground that SpaceX did the same to show that its rockets are capable of being reused. It tried again after that landing and failed, but nailed the one after that, and now it […]

SpaceX Bags Its First Military Contract
For years, Elon Musk has been arguing for his private space company SpaceX to be treated in the same manner as Boeing and Lockheed Martin. The two giants effectively had a monopoly on military launches but that has finally been broken as the United States Air Force has reportedly given SpaceX its first military launch contract. Reuters reports that this $83 million contract will see SpaceX launch the next GPS […]

SpaceX Falcon 9 Landing On Drone Barge Fails Again
Over the weekend, SpaceX launched its Falcon 9 rocket to deliver satellites to space for its customers. The launch was successful and the payload was delivered successfully. The company has tried multiple times to land its reusable Falcon 9 rockets on a drone barge in the sea following a trip up to space and it tried it again with the latest launch. Unfortunately, the company failed yet again.