Tesla doesn’t just make cars, though that’s obviously what it’s most popular for, the company is also in the business of making home batteries. It announced its Powerwall home battery solution in April last year and provided a choice between 10kWh and 7kWh models. Tesla has decided to discontinue the 10kWh Powerwall model due to lack of demand.

“We have decided to focus entirely on building and deploying the 7kWh Daily Powerwall at this time,” confirms a Tesla spokesperson. Customers only have one option to choose from now. The 10kWh was able to store more energy but it was only rated for 500 cycles.

On the other hand, the smaller 7kWh model which costs $3,000 is better suited for daily use and comes with a 10-year guarantee. Customers can install multiple batteries if they have greater energy needs, one battery is said to be sufficient to power most homes during the evening with electricity generated by solar panels throughout the day.

The larger 10kWh battery was actually meant as a “home backup” system for weekly charging only and clearly there’s not enough demand for it which is why Tesla has decided to no longer sell the larger battery and stick with the one that’s going to bring in more money for the company.

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