You might want to pay attention to this if you own a Toshiba laptop. The company has issued a recall for Panasonic battery packs that were included in its Portege, Satellite, and Tecra laptops. It said that the lithium-ion battery packs are susceptible to overheating and can prove to be a fire risk, that puts customers at risk for burns, so it has issued a recall for over 100,000 units that power as many computers sold in the United States and Canada.

Toshiba shipped these batteries with 39 models of the Toshiba Satellite, Portege, and Tecra notebooks. If you happen to have any of those laptops then you should immediately ascertain whether or not your battery has been recalled.

If the battery pack number in the image posted above matches yours then go here to follow detailed instructions on how to remove the unit from your laptop immediately. All units affected by this overheating issue start with “G71C.” Toshiba is then going to provide you with a free replacement battery.

Until the replacement battery arrives you can continue to get work done by using the laptop, just keep it plugged into the wall and the charger connected, but be mindful of the cable because the moment it leaves the port the laptop will shut down and you will lose any work that’s not saved.

No injuries have been reported as yet so that’s a good thing, but Toshiba did receive four complaints of battery packs overheating and melting.

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