Tumblr has introduced a revamped notes feature today. The design will enable users to follow conversations easily as they will be able to apply filters to sort the content they’re viewing. Instead of having to see all replies, likes and reblogs users will be able to sort reblogs and replies with added commentary and by likes and reblogs without commentary. Tumblr has also confirmed that it’s bringing back a feature requested frequently by most of its users.

Tumblr pulled the replies feature in November last year and since then it has been working on improving this feature. Previously readers could reply to the author in a one-way conversation but that has now been changed.

The replies feature is back on Tumblr and it allows both the post’s author and readers to leave comments. Users will be able to reply as many times as they want on the same post. Replies are now also enabled on reblogs but that’s up to the user to decide if they want them to be turned on or off.

Authors will always retain control of who can comment on their posts, if they like they can open up the comments to everyone on Tumblr or just the ones they follow. Same with the reply feature which can either be opened up to the people followed and the people following back. Unfollowing readers will automatically block them from replying again in the future.

With these changes Tumblr hopes to give a push to conversations on its platform, users who have been asking for these features will certainly appreciate that their needs have now been met.

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