US_CellularWhen it comes to trading in your hardware with a mobile carrier, there are some terms and conditions in the fine print that you should be aware of. Not many people would be willing to go ahead and give you a new device in exchange for some cash and a broken handset, but it looks like U.S. Cellular has other ideas. In fact, they are more than willing to part with up to $300 for your trade, never mind that your device comes with a cracked screen.

There will be caveats applied here, of course, where the device with a cracked screen will still need to be in working condition. Not only that, should you prefer to make the jump to U.S. Cellular from your existing carrier, you will also be reimbursed for the cost of walking away from your contract with them, regardless of how expensive the fee is.

U.S. Cellular right now stands behind Sprint as the nation’s fifth largest carrier, and they are also willing to send cash in your direction so that you can recruit someone to their fold. Basically, should your recruit activate a smartphone on a Shared Connect Plan, the two of you will receive $50. Bring a bunch of mates over to change their allegiance, and it can add up to a nice break.

Joe Settimi, vice president of marketing for U.S. Cellular, shared, “We know that there are people who are looking to change wireless carriers, but they have broken screens that have no trade-in value, and therefore can’t afford to make the switch. We wanted to remove that barrier for people and give them an easy way to upgrade to the high-quality U.S. Cellular network and get a better wireless value than Verizon and AT&T.” [Company Page]

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