These days carriers are offering more data than most users can use, and more often than not, many find themselves with a lot of leftover data at the end of the month in which some feel might be unfair since they don’t get reimbursed or have the data rollover to the following month (this depends on your carrier).

However the good news is that if you are a US Cellular customer, it appears that the carrier has launched a new initiative in which low-data usage customers will be rewarded. Basically every month that you come under 3GB of data usage, US Cellular will credit $10 to your bill. This works even with family plans or if you have multiple lines under a single account because this is applicable per line.

This means that in theory if you had 3 lines under your account that all come under 3GB of data each, you could get back $30 a month. That being said, it’s not hard to imagine anyone coming under 3GB of data since most of the time we tend to be connected to WiFi networks, whether it be at home, school, or work.

In any case if this sounds like an interesting deal to you, head on over to US Cellular’s website where you will be able to get more information about the deal and the carrier’s Unlimited plans.

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