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Microsoft will soon allow developers to bring their Windows 10 applications over to the Xbox One. The company is going to provide more information about its Xbox One app store at the Build conference later this month. Jason Ronald of Microsoft confirmed at the GDC that Windows 10 app will be able to run on the Xbox One by this summer.

According to a report by Business Insider, Microsoft is going to gradually allow apps to move over to the Xbox One throughout the course of this year. It’s unclear for now how the app store will work on the console and whether Microsoft will be curating it tightly.

Microsoft will face a challenge in ensuring a certain level of quality for Xbox apps. Despite the fact that its universal apps strategy makes it easier for developers to create one app that works across PC, smartphone, tablet and the Xbox with changes to suit the different screen sizes, ensuring quality will be easier said than done.

There’s much that the company still needs to clarify about how Windows 10 games and apps will function on its console. Microsoft will surely talk about all of this at its Build conference later this month, the conference starts off on March 30th.

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