windows 10Several days ago we reported that there were several users who claimed that Windows 10 had installed itself on their computers. These users claim that they went to sleep and woke up to discover that Windows 10 had fully installed itself without their permission, which then left many users angry over the seemingly aggressive move by Microsoft.


However Microsoft has since come forward and refuted those claims, saying that there was no way that Windows 10 would install itself without any action on the part of the user. According to Windows chief Terry Myerson, “Customers continue to be fully in control of their devices, and can choose to not install the Windows 10 upgrade or remove the upgrade from Windows Update (WU) by changing the WU settings.”

Now as we stated before, we have no idea what these users had as their settings, but even if they were to fully automate everything, from what Microsoft has suggested, they will still need to confirm that they want to proceed with the installation. Now Microsoft had previously shown that they have been a bit aggressive in pushing out the update, but they have never forced users to install it.

Could it be a bug where the install takes place without the permission of the user? Or is Microsoft right in saying that this could never happen, indicating that maybe previous reports were false?

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