AlphaGo is artificial intelligence developed by Google’s DeepMind unit and it’s proving to be more powerful than we had expected before. The AI is taking part in a series of five Go matches against world Go champion Lee Sedol and yesterday the man lost the first match to the machine. Today’s result proves that yesterday’s win wasn’t a fluke for the machine because it has beaten the man again.


Lee Sedol is the world champion of Go, probably one of the best players that this game as ever seen, and it appears he has found his match in AlphaGo.

AlphaGo has already beaten the European champion of Go but it was widely believed that the AI would struggle against Sedol since he’s an even better player, but victory eludes Sedol in this contest so far.

Sedol once again conceded the game by resignation and said that while he was surprised by the machine’ victory yesterday, today he’s “speechless.” “I admit that it was a very clear loss on my part. From the very beginning of the game, I did not feel like there was a point that I was leading.”

The winner of this five-game content is going to win $1 million and AlphaGo has secured the lead with two back-to-back victories. All of the matches are being streamed live on YouTube and they’re a treat to watch. On to the next one.

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