ios 9.3Is iOS 9 growing as fast as it could? From what we can tell from previous figures, it is hard to beat out iOS 7’s adoption rate, but it certainly looks a lot better than iOS 8. That being said, last we checked back in February, iOS 9’s adoption was at 77% for all iOS devices. Now that we are in April, those numbers have increased a bit since.


According to the latest numbers published on Apple’s Developer page, it has been revealed that iOS 9 has now been installed on 84% of all iOS devices. This is a jump of 7% since we last checked, and while 84% is a huge figure, the jump of 7% is admittedly rather low for a span of a few months since the previous figures.

Based on the rate that iOS 9’s adoption is growing, we have to wonder if it is possible for the operating system to break the 90% mark ahead of iOS 10’s announcement, which presumably will be taking place this coming June at WWDC 2016. That being said, it is possible that the various bugs in iOS 9 might have put some users off from adopting it.

The latest bug was rather annoying as it seemed to have caused links on browsers like Safari to stop work. Earlier on in iOS 9’s release, there was also a bug that caused push notifications to stop displaying, an equally annoying issue, but hopefully with iOS 10 we will see better QC from Apple.

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