animal crossingYesterday we reported that today, Nintendo could be sharing their next plans for mobile and sure enough they have. In case the more social-like gameplay of Miitomo did not appeal to you and you wanted something more traditional as far as gaming is concerned, don’t worry as Nintendo has your back.

The company had earlier promised to bring more popular characters to its mobile games and it looks like they did. According to Nintendo’s latest announcement, it looks like Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing will be the two titles making their way onto mobile. Note that these aren’t the actual games themselves, but rather as Nintendo had stated previously, they are brand new games based on the intellectual property of either title.

According to Nintendo, “Both of these are pure game applications. Compared to Miitomo, they have more prominent game elements, and the game content will tie closely into Nintendo’s dedicated games business.” The company claims that users will find “increased enjoyment” while playing Animal Crossing.

They also say that gamers will find that Fire Emblem on mobile will be more accessible than the other titles in its franchise, and that it will be a strategy RPG game. No word on pricing or specific availability, but they are pegged for a release in autumn this year.

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