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IKEA Taiwan Recreates Its Catalogue Using Animal Crossing
While Nintendo’s Animal Crossing series has always been a pretty popular franchise, we suppose combine that with the popularity of the Nintendo Switch and also the pandemic, the latest Animal Crossing has proven to be a pretty huge hit amongst gamers, both casual and hardcore.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Sells 5 Million Digital Copies In March 2020
If there is at least one company who seems to be benefiting from the coronavirus pandemic, it would be Nintendo. Due to the fact that people are being forced to stay home to self-isolate to help curb the spread of the virus, many are looking for alternative forms of entertainment, such as with the Nintendo Switch.

COVID-19 Forced Couple To Cancel Their Wedding, So They Held It In Animal Crossing
The idea of getting married virtually, like in video games, isn’t exactly new. There are plenty of video games out there that already support in-game weddings, and we have also seen in the past where couples who meet in video games and end up getting married, sometimes also hold their weddings in the games that they met in.

Animal Crossing For Nintendo Switch Delayed To 2020
There’s some bad news today for those who have been waiting for Animal Switch to arrive on the Nintendo Switch. The company confirmed during its E3 Direct event today that the Animal Crossing New Horizons title, which is meant to be a Switch-exclusive, isn’t going to be released for the console until next year.


Animal Crossing Has Been Announced For The Nintendo Switch
Animal Crossing was first launched way back 2001 where we have seen various iterations of the game since, with the most recent being Pocket Camp which launched on mobile, earning Nintendo a cool $50 million since. For those who want to play the game on a bigger screen, you’ll be pleased to learn that during Nintendo’s Direct presentation, the company has confirmed that Animal Crossing will be coming onto the […]

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Has Managed To Earn $50 Million To Date
Back in 2017, Nintendo launched Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Nintendo has been steadily making its foray into mobile games and so far they seem to be fairly successful. According to the latest figures by Sensor Tower (via Gamasutra), it turns out that the game has managed to earn Nintendo a cool $50 million to date.

Animal Crossing For Mobile Delayed To 2018
Last year it was confirmed that following the release of Miitomo, Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem would be Nintendo’s next mobile titles. However the surprise announcement of Super Mario Run at Apple’s iPhone event saw both games pushed to a 2017 release which we guess is a bit of a bummer.

Animal Crossing & Fire Emblem For Mobile Delayed To 2017
Yesterday Nintendo made a surprise appearance at Apple’s iPhone event in which they announced Super Mario Run, a timed exclusive for iOS devices which is also scheduled for a release on Android in 2017. Now like we said, this is surprising because last we checked, Nintendo’s next mobile titles were Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem.

Nintendo Explains Decision Behind New Mobile Titles
Making good on their word that after the launch of Miitomo that the company would offer up games with more familiar characters, Nintendo has explained why they have decided to go with Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem. This was revealed by Nintendo’s CEO Tatsumi Kimishima during a Q&A with investors.

Animal Crossing & Fire Emblem Will Be Nintendo’s Next Mobile Games
Yesterday we reported that today, Nintendo could be sharing their next plans for mobile and sure enough they have. In case the more social-like gameplay of Miitomo did not appeal to you and you wanted something more traditional as far as gaming is concerned, don’t worry as Nintendo has your back.

Real-Time Animal Crossing Music Played On The Browser
A video game will not amount to much if it does not have a good soundtrack to keep it company, even if it has the best graphics in the whole world. Having said that, those of you who have enjoyed Animal Crossing would have certainly nodded your heads in unison, approving Kazumi Totaka’s serene, beautiful background music that will alter depending on the time of day in which you play. […]