google-self-driving-cars-paint-the-townWhen you think of Beverly Hills, you might be thinking of the rich and famous where people walk around in luxury brands and drive fancy, expensive, imported cars. Now it seems that the city wants something else: their own fleet of self-driving cars. According to a report from The Hollywood Reporter, the city’s council has voted on a resolution to develop their own self-driving car network that will basically be another form of public transport in the city.

According to Beverly Hills’ Mayor John Mirisch, he claims that Beverly Hills is the perfect place to develop such a system, which we guess we can agree given that the city measures about 5.7 square miles, meaning that implementing such an infrastructure shouldn’t be too difficult as the city isn’t that big.

He says, “This is a game-changer for Beverly Hills and, we hope, for the region. Beverly Hills is the perfect community to take the lead to make this technology a reality. It is now both feasible and safe for autonomous cars to be on the road.” He also adds that such a system will help to improve parking and increase mobility for everyone including the disabled.

Unfortunately as self-driving technology appears to be in its infancy stages, we reckon it might be a while before the system will be implemented in full, but if it is successful, other similar-sized cities in the US or around the world could use Beverly Hills as a template for their own system back home.

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