hearthstone whispers of the old godsAs gamers might have heard, Hearthstone’s upcoming expansion Whispers of the Old Gods has been pegged for a release on the 26th of April, which is next Tuesday. Now if you are looking for a chance to earn yourself more game packs, you might be pleased to learn that Blizzard will be giving away 13 free packs.

This free giveaway is part of the celebration of the expansion’s launch, but it won’t be 100% free because players will need to earn them. According to a post on Reddit, it was noted during Blizzard’s Whispers of the Old Gods live stream that the first 3 packs will be given away for players who login during the release event.

These free packs will contain a guaranteed C’Thun legendary card, so players might want to login for that. An additional 5 free packs will be given away to players who win two game in Hearthstone’s new “Standard” format, and the remaining 5 free packs will be given to players who win 7 additional games also in the Standard format.

Basically if you play enough you should be able to walk away with 13 free packs relatively effortlessly. This should save gamers about $15 in real-world money, or 1,300 in-game gold so if you’re looking to get your hands on more cards, this sounds like a way to go about it. In the meantime gamers who pre-order the game will be able to get 50 packs for $50 which is a pretty good deal.

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