brave-ledgerIt used to be that ad blockers were additional pieces of software that users had to download to use in their browsers, but as you might have heard, several months ago, Mozilla’s ex-CEO Brendan Eich launched the Brave browser which actually comes with the ability to block ads built inside of it.


That being said, doesn’t this kind of make it difficult for publishers (such as ourselves) to make money if ads are being blocked? The good news is that Brave has thought of that and has created an upcoming system called the Brave Ledger. Basically this allows users to donate money to the websites that they enjoy visiting.

Alternatively if you’d rather be earning money instead of spending money, the other feature will see websites display ads that are approved by Brave that supposedly delivers a better user experience, and in return Brave will then pay users in bitcoin for allowing ads to be displayed.

According to Brave, “The Brave Ledger makes a transfer of the user revenue share to your Brave wallet! You have two choices: you can “donate” the funds to your favorite sites (this is the automated default); or you can transfer the funds to another Bitcoin wallet and spend them yourself.”

Unfortunately the feature isn’t live yet as Brave plans to include them in its developer preview this coming May, but it is an interesting model, but what do you guys think?

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