Right now if you wanted to block ads on websites, you’d need to install browser extensions such as Adblock. However if you wanted a newer and potentially faster browser that can block ads as well, then you might be interested to check out the Brave browser launched by Mozilla’s ex-CEO, Brendan Eich.

According to its description, Brave will block ads on websites that they deem might be harmful. In its place, they want to introduce back “clean ads”. “The new Brave browser blocks all the greed and ugliness on the Web that slows you down and invades your privacy. Then we put clean ads back, to fund website owners and Brave users alike. Users can spend their funds to go ad-free on their favorite sites.”

The ads that will be replaced won’t contain any of your personal data, or so they claim. So how will they know what kind of ads to display then? They will base it on your browsing history, so if you’re someone who browses camera equipment often, it will share industry-standard categories with publishers.

In addition to being able to block ads, Brave also promises to load websites 2-4 times faster on mobile devices, and 1.4 times faster compared to browsers on the desktop. That being said, Brave is still in testing so for now if you are interested, you can go ahead and sign up to help them test the software.

It will also be available for iOS and Android for testing, so if you’d rather take it for a spin on your mobile device, you can go right ahead.

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