Id Software’s DOOM is pegged for a release on the 13th of May. Obviously the multiplayer component of the game is one of its more important aspects, but for those who love a good story or who love campaigns, DOOM has you covered as well as there will be a single-player campaign, and now a leaked trailer has given us a taste.

It seems that a video was recently shared on Reddit which is apparently that of the single-player campaign for the game. We can’t be sure if this video is the final copy that Bethesda and id Software will be sharing soon, or if it might be one of the earlier videos as the poster himself doesn’t seem too sure, but either way we have to say that it looks pretty good.

DOOM recently opened its doors to the public where they have an open beta for its multiplayer aspect. While the franchise is one of the pioneers in FPS games, it seems that initial reviews of DOOM’s multiplayer feature left quite a bit to be desired, but then again we suppose that’s kind of the whole point of having a beta, right?

In any case we can only hope that id Software will be able to address the complaints that gamers had ahead of its release. In the meantime you can check out the alleged single-player campaign trailer in the video above.

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