pentax_k1_5Thanks to a leaked photo the other day, we caught a glimpse at what appeared to be the Fujifilm X-T2. There are some changes made to the buttons on the back, but one of the biggest changes is to its display which appears to be able to do more than tilt up or down. It appears that it can tilt horizontally as well.

However from the photo, it looked as though the screen only tilted to the right which is a bit weird. After all what kind of angles would one be shooting from to need a screen that tilts that way, right? Turns out that maybe it does more than that. According to Fuji Rumors, it has been pointed out that maybe the screen could be similar to that of the Pentax K1.

For those unfamiliar, the Pentax K1 has a flexible tilt screen, meaning that instead of being able to tilt up, down, left, and/or right, it can be tilted in a variety of angles in either direction. B&H Photo has described the screen by saying, “The Pentax K-1 has a unique 3.2″ cross-tilt LCD monitor, which can tilt upward 90°, down 44°, and left and right 35° for numerous positions.”

Of course this is just speculation for now, but it certainly makes sense. Right now there is no proof that the X-T2’s leaked photo is real so for all we know, the speculation could be about a fake image. In any case with a rumored late June/early July announcement, we guess we’ll just have to wait and see how accurate those rumors and speculations are.

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