Google wants its Calender to be more than just an app you use to check the date or add reminders for important events. It is actively working to make Calendar an assistive and intelligent tool for users, and today it has announced a new “Find a Time” feature for Calendar on Android to make it easier for users to schedule their meetings.

Despite all of the advancements in technology it can still prove to be difficult to schedule meetings, users often have to fire up their laptops to check all of the participants’ calendars and find a time for a meeting that works for everybody.

It becomes easier to do this starting today for Google Apps for Work and Google Apps for Education users, who can schedule meetings from anywhere with Find a Time feature in Google Calendar for Android. This feature has been designed specifically for organizations where colleagues share calendars.

The Fine a Time feature helps users find meeting times that work for all participants with just one single tap, even if some participants are in a different time zone, Calendar finds a time they’re available for a meeting. If it’s unable to find a time that works for everybody, Calendar will then look at conflicting meetings that can be easily rescheduled.

The feature only makes suggestions and ultimate control rests with the users, once it brings up a time that works for everybody users can easily schedule a meeting using the Google Calendar for Android app on the go.

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