drone-rescue-service-patentDrones are pretty useful devices to have around, including catching litterbugs in action, delivering medicine in developing countries where the travel infrastructure is far from satisfactory, and here we are with technology giant Google having applied for, and successfully receiving its patent for a drone rescue service.

This is somewhat in the same vein as the Zipline drone that we talked about just yesterday, where a drone can prove to be a savior in times of emergencies, as it brings about much needed supplies to the one who requires them. Basically, Google’s drone rescue service works this way – you press a button for a specific medical emergency, where a drone will then be deployed to where you are.

This quick action will definitely save a whole lot of minutes when it comes to responding to an emergency, and this might mean a difference between life and death. Of course, this is no replacement for human first responders, but is an immediate response before the EMS teams arrive shortly afterwards.

Such a drone-calling station will hook up to the drones and a dispatch network through different means, ranging from telephone networks to cellular, wireless, fiber, or other data networks. Definitely makes driving around long stretches of wasteland or desert a whole lot more reassuring.

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