Leica-M-D-Typ-262-cameraNowadays pretty much all cameras come with LCD displays. This allows photographers to use it as a viewfinder, or use it to check their work after they snap a photo. However if you are more concerned about the battery life of your camera rather than being able to see photos after you’ve taken them, Leica might have something for you.

According to leaked images courtesy of RangeFinder.com.hk (via Leica Rumors), it seems that photos of Leica’s upcoming camera have been revealed. The camera in question is the Leica M-D Typ 262 which as you can see in the image above, does not come with an LCD display on the back that you might expect from cameras these days.

The camera has yet to be officially announced but according to the rumors, the camera will be sized and shaped like the M Typ 240. The top and bottom plates of the camera are said to be made from brass, and it will sport the same sensor as the Leica M Typ 262. There will be a thumb dial and it is also slated for an announcement in the beginning of May, meaning that we could officially learn more about the camera next week.

In terms of pricing given that it is a Leica, it obviously does not come cheap. The rumored price is said to be around 5,940 EUR which is roughly $6,700 when converted, which is admittedly a lot to pay for a camera without an LCD display. In any case take it with a grain of salt, but check back with us soon for the details.

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