Leica-M-D-Typ-262-camera-3So the Leica M-D Typ 262 is a camera that we have been hearing about recently. However what makes the camera so unique is the fact that in a world where LCD displays on cameras are expected, the M-D Typ 262 does not come with an LCD screen on the back of the camera. Instead on the back of the camera, all we are treated to is an ISO dial.

Now for those wondering about the device, wonder no more because Leica has officially announced the camera. That being said, the specs of the camera appear to be in line with the rumors we have heard so far. It will feature a 24MP CMOS sensor that will be paired with the Leica Maestro processor.

It will also come equipped with a shutter cocking system that according to the company, will offer up a more quieter shutter sound compared to other Leica models, so if discretion is what you’re after, this could be it. Other features include dials placed externally that lets photographers adjust shutter speed and ISO on the fly.

That being said this is still a Leica at the end of the day, meaning that it will not come cheap. For those interested in pre-ordering the camera, the Leica Store Miami is currently accepting pre-orders where it is priced at a whopping $5,995.

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