Carpooling is almost always a very good idea. If multiple people are going the same way then it makes sense to try and put them in one car instead of individual cars, not only does it save money but it’s also good for the environment.Lyft has announced today that it’s expanding the Lyft Line carpooling feature to six additional cities in the United States.

Lyft Line matches drivers with one or more passengers as a result of which passengers have to pay a lower fare. The service is available in Austin, Boston, DC, New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Chicago and Atlanta right now. Starting next week it will be available to users in San Diego, Philadelphia, Denver, San Jose, Seattle and Newark.

The expansion of this carpooling feature isn’t that surprising when you consider the fact that Lyft Line currently accounts for 40 percent of the rides that Lyft picks up in the cities where Lyft Line is available.

Lyft isn’t the only company of its kind to have a carpooling feature. Global behemoth Uber launched its Pool feature back in 2014, UberPool is now available in 15 cities across the globe. The idea is simple, put more people in one car to reduce fares, emissions and traffic jams. It does work as advertised.

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