microsoft-logoWord has it that Microsoft might be working on not one or two, but rather, three different Surface Phone models that will only arrive in 2017. It might sound fine and dandy, but will it be too late by then for Microsoft to make an impact in the smartphone market with such hardware, taking into consideration how much farther along on the industry would have moved in this one year alone?

After all, Windows Phone devices were far from being the popular choice in the past, as the market does seem to be a two-version operating system one at this point in time, without any tolerance for another major mobile operating system to thrive. While current Surface devices from Microsoft are pretty much quality ones, perhaps their venture into the Surface Phone collection might just work, although it will certainly take many different factors for it to be a success.

Windows Central claims that three different configurations of Surface Phone will roll out next year, although it might seem to be an effort by Microsoft to divert attention away from the Lumia branding. The three are touted to target the general consumer, the ‘prosumer’, as well as the enterprise segments, but apart from that, no further details were made available.

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