motox-pure-editionIf you are a fan of Motorola, you might be looking forward to some of the newer Motorola phones that the company has up their sleeves, which unfortunately at the moment is really anyone’s guess as to what they might have. However thanks to a tweet by Evan Blass, it seems that a certain device called the Moto G4 Plus could be announced soon.

A photo accompanied the tweet which seemed to show off the bottom of a Motorola handset. From what we can tell, it looks like a square cutout for a fingerprint sensor. In fact if anything, this square sensor is similar to what we have seen in a leak from earlier this month in which a Motorola handset was spotted in public with a similar square fingerprint sensor/home button.

However at that time it was speculated that the handset in question could be 2016’s Moto X, but now this tweet suggests that we could be looking at a different device. It is possible that Lenovo could be adopting a similar design for its Moto lineup of smartphones, so there’s really no way to tell what the final device could be.

In any case the choice to call it the Moto G4 Plus is an interesting one. It also serves to show how Lenovo could be moving away from traditional Motorola naming schemes, especially when we heard that there was a device called the Moto X3 that might be in the works.

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