The iPhone that belonged to the San Bernardino terrorist was at the center of the massive public spat that the FBI and Apple had a few weeks ago. The FBI wasn’t able to convince Apple to come up with a backdoor that would have allowed the bureau to access content on the device. It was able to get that done using outside help but as it turns out the FBI hasn’t found anything useful on the terrorist’s iPhone yet.

Citing a “law enforcement source,” CBS News reports that the iPhone at the center of this fight apparently does not contain any information that will prove to be of any assistance in the investigation, even though the FBI is said to be still analyzing the contents of that iPhone.

This particular iPhone was one of the three phones used by the shooter. It was owned by his employer and it was a work phone. Many had suspected that it wouldn’t contain information of much use since the guy had gone to some trouble to destroy and discard his two personal phones. He had even destroyed his hard drives and other digital media.

Nevertheless, the FBI demanded that Apple come up with a way to provide access, the demand led to a big debate on encryption and an expectation of cooperation from tech companies that swear to protect user privacy.

FBI hasn’t revealed who helped it crack the iPhone and it hasn’t even shared the details with Apple, though it did say that the method used does not work with modern iPhones. Apple has already said that it’s not going to sue the FBI to find out how it cracked the terrorist’s iPhone.

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