You might not remember all of the products that are unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show every year and that’s okay, because the annual tech convention sees hundreds of new products being unveiled, so it’s impossible to remember every single one of them. Razer introduced a unique product called the Turret back at CES 2015 and today it has finally released this lapboard.

The Razer Turret might look like a conventional keyboard but it’s not a conventional keyboard. It’s a mix of a keyboard, a mouse and a mousing surface that’s better suited to be casually used for navigating a smart TV product or Razer’s very own Android console.

Turret is capable of connecting with compatible devices nearby wirelessly. It boasts exceptional battery life with Razer saying that it will last for four months on a single charge, the mouse is said to be good for 40 hours before needing another charge.

Razer calls this product a Turret because of its rather conventional storage method., the company doesn’t even list it in its keyboard lineup, opting to list it under the gaming controllers section of its website instead.

When the Turret was announced back in CES last year the company said that it would cost $129.99 when it arrived. Razer has now released it following months of development and improvements but it has also increased the price to $159.99.

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