samsung-logoIt goes without saying now that the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge have been released and are doing rather well for themselves in the market, surely there will be another successor to their highly touted Galaxy Note series, in which it would be the Galaxy Note6 if that were to happen. While rumored specifications point to 6GB of RAM, a 5.8” touchscreen and a 12MP shooter at the back, here is one more feature that will surely make it all the more appealing should it be true – the presence of IP68 certification, allowing it to be dust resistant and as water resistant as the Galaxy S7.


In other words, you should be able to dunk the Galaxy Note6 into 1.5m of water for up to 30 minutes without having it suffer from any kinds of electrical short circuit or malfunction. This is certainly a nice addition to the feature list if it were true, of course, as we can never quite tell just when something untoward will happen to your phablet during use.

Other rumors concerning the Galaxy Note6 include a release some time in July this year, but until there is an official announcement made concerning the Galaxy Note6, we will just have to tread on the cautious side of things and take what we have read with a pinch of salt.

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