spacex-landsIt is always nice to see history being made, as we live through a period of fast-paced innovation that seems to yield a new discovery or development every single day. Today marks the very first time in the history of mankind in which the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket actually made its way for the International Space Station, having its reusable main-stage booster land safely on an ocean platform.

What makes this a historic moment of triumph in the life of man? Well, it paves open the way for reusable rockets in the future, which would definitely impact the cost of sending stuff (and people, of course) to space, among others. At approximately 2 and a half minutes after Friday’s launch, the main segment of the two-stage SpaceX rocket separated itself from the main body, before making an about turn in the direction of a landing platform that was floating in the Atlantic, being approximately 185 miles off Cape Canaveral.

The rocket booster along with its quartet of legs in an extended position, made its way across the ocean prior to settling itself upright to land safe and sound on the platform, making it feel as though this is some sort of science fiction movie that has become real. As for the rocket’s cargo ship, it continued to make its way to the International Space Station that lies approximately 250 miles above Earth. You know what they say – if at first you don’t succeed, try again.

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