street-fighter-5-rashid-1Several months ago we reported that rage-quitting was starting to become an issue with Street Fighter V. For non-gamers, rage-quitting is when a player (or players) gets frustrated that they are losing the match that they just straight up quit the game without completing it. In some cases this will count as a win for the other player.

However in Street Fighter V, it neither counts as a win for the other player, and neither does it count as a loss for the rage-quitter, meaning that those who care about their score/metrics have more reason to rage-quit when things aren’t going their way. Capcom promised that they will be addressing the issue and according to a recent tweet, it looks like the changes will be made later this month.

In a recent tweet by the official Street Fighter account, it reads, “We’re planning to roll out a system this month that will address the rage quitting issue in #SFV. More details coming soon!” Unfortunately they did not share what exactly will be put into place to deal with the issues, but we suppose it has been a long time coming.

Prior to this, the company had a temporary system in place where those who were victims of rage-quitting could send in video evidence and the offender would have their League Points stripped. However since not everyone bothers recording their matches, it obviously was not an effective system, but hopefully the new one will be.

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