The Airbus A380 is a testament to human engineering. It’s the biggest passenger plane that’s widely used by many airlines across the globe, the sheer scale of this thing is mindboggling, makes you wonder how it even flies. It’s pretty good at taking to the skies and is certainly one of the safest jets in service today. An aborted landing is not a procedure that necessarily signals that something’s wrong but seeing a plane of this size come within inches of the tarmac before taking off again is a sight that will make you hold your breath.


In the video, we can see a British Airways Airbus A380 attempting to land at the Vancouver airport. It looks nice and tidy coming in on final approach, it’s mere inches above the ground when the pilot decides to abort the landing and make a go-around.

As previously mentioned, this is a routine procedure that pilots perform in the interest of safety, it doesn’t necessarily mean that something is wrong with the plane. Pilots can back out of a landing for a variety of reasons and can come around and nail it the second time.

That’s what would have happened here as well, but not before leaving us with some amazing footage of this beast being piloted through an aborted landing.

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