A380_Economy_ClassJust in case it wasn’t obvious enough, the title was meant to be sarcastic, but it doesn’t change the fact that Airbus has decided that their A380 plane is big enough where they can actually squeeze an extra seat into every row in economy class. As it stands economy class plays host to 10 seats for every year, but due to the A380’s size, Airbus figured it could accommodate one extra seat per row, bringing it to a total of 11.


As if economy class wasn’t a tight squeeze already, the addition of the seats will no doubt make things more uncomfortable, although Airbus has stated that each seat measures 18-inches across which compared to Ryanair, an airline known for their passenger discomfort, measures 17-inches. However despite the extra 1-inch, it seems that the seating is still not particularly comfortable looking.

The good news is that these seats are not expected to go into effect until the beginning of 2017, after which many of us will fondly remember the 10-seat row as being a luxury. It is unclear if Boeing will follow suit, but if airline companies start to order more of these 11-seater Airbus A380s, we wouldn’t be surprised if Boeing started introducing 11-seater aircrafts of their own as well.

Admittedly these seats should be fine if you’re on a short flight that lasts a couple of hours. However if you’re planning on flying halfway across the world, good luck with that!

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