dell 43 inch monitorHave you ever stepped in front of Apple’s 27-inch iMac? If your regular setup features a 21-inch or 24-inch monitor, or maybe a 13-inch laptop, then no doubt the 27-inch iMac will feel like a giant to you. However it seems that the iMac’s 27-inch display just got dwarfed by Dell and their recently announced 43-inch 4K P4317Q monitor.


Yup, you read that right, this is a 43-inch monitor which means that for some, it is even bigger than your television, let alone your computer. So who on earth would need such a monitor? Basically this monitor is aimed at those who multitask a lot and who might need to see multiple full-sized windows at once.

The monitor has an option built into it where it can host four Full HD 1080p screens within it without any bezel breaks, meaning that all your windows will sit side-by-side seamlessly. We suppose depending on what you need to do, it can be a good or bad thing since a bezel break would help distinguish each window better, but to each their own.

In addition, the monitor will come with four USB 3.0, two HDMI, one DisplayPort, one Mini DisplayPort, and one VGA port. Dell is also boasting that the monitor will offer up 30% in energy savings, although we have to wonder if eventually you will save enough to justify that $1,349 price tag that Dell has slapped on it.

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