blog_ti6_battle_passIt is 2016 which means that we are soon approaching another year in which the official DotA 2 The International tournament will begin. For those unfamiliar with The International, this is pretty much the definitive competition for DotA 2. It also has a prize pool in which gamers can help contribute to and in return will receive in-game rewards.

That being said, Valve has recently taken the wraps off the 2016 Battle Pass for The International, and from what we can tell it looks like this year’s Battle Pass will pack quite a lot of goodies. For starters it will come with 3 Immortal Treasures, an exclusive seasonal terrain that will remain active for as long as you hold the pass, new Taunt, new weather effects, a music pack, and a cursor pack just to name a few.

There will also be an announcer pack, a HUD, an emoticon pack, an effigy block, new loading screens, an evolving courier, and an evolving ward. Valve also announced the return of the quest system. “Battle Pass owners can undertake in-game Quests, stake Wagering Tokens to score Battle Points, and pitch in on a series of Community Challenges, all while pushing your Battle Level along a path of rewards to unlock a digital trove of items.”

Interestingly enough this year Valve does not appear to have included stretch goals for the competition. However they will reward gamers should the total prize pool exceed the $18,429,613 mark (last year’s prize money). For more information, head on over to the DotA website.

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